Breakaway is a biblically based alternative program that has impacted thousands of lives. 

Our focus is on helping people overcome their addictions through the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Breakaway’s Mission:

  • Help those who really want to be free from drugs, alcohol, habits, depression, gang-violence, mental illness, etc
  • Teach them how to be free through Jesus Christ Educate them on how to stay free
  • Create alternatives that will enhance their new Christian lifestyles
  • Show them how to tell others about being free Biblically
  • Develop a strong support system through new relationships

Sponsors are available upon request. You can contact the church office for more information at (719) 392-1231 ext.208

It is an alternative to A.A., N.A., C.A., C.M.A., Gang Awareness, Domestic Violence,
Anger Management, and many other programs.

Currently we are working alongside ComCor, C.A.E., and several half-way houses in the area.

Breakaway is outpatient only at this time, and does not house attendees.

“If the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed!” John 8:36