Costa Rica

Los Cuadros, San Jose

The church in Los Cuadros is nothing short of a miracle and the grace of God. It was started in September of 2000. It was God that put Dustin and Rachelle Jones and their daughter Sarah in one of the poorest and most notorious crime infested areas of San Jose, Costa Rica.

After discovering an old abandoned and dilapidated building with weeds, graffiti, and rats, they were given the keys and the remodeling began. One week before the grand opening a 14 year old boy was stabbed to death in a gang initiation. The church opened with a revival with Jumpin’ Joe Jones and over a 100 were in attendance each night including the parents of the boy that was stabbed. They were wondrously saved and the church became a beacon of hope for that dark area.

In 2003, the baton was passed to Miguel Gonzalez and his wife. They have labored faithfully there for 11 years and have seen God save and move miraculously. The church has had it’s highs and lows, including violence and gunfire so close to the church that Miguel’s wife was grazed by a bullet and one of the ushers shot in the leg. In spite of the difficult area and the trouble, they have endured and remained faithful and the fruit is evidence that God is still at work today in that precious church.

Pavas, San Jose

Pastor Blake and Karla Andrews and their two children were launched out of the Spring Pastors conference in 2001.

After running a successful children’s street ministry for many years, they used that ministry to springboard the opening of the church in Pavas.   Starting in a home with about 20 people, it quickly grew to about 50, forcing them to find a building. Soon after they leased a building to accommodate the rapid growth. God was saving drug addicts and alcoholics and in turn they became ushers and workers in the church.

In the 7 years as pastors there, they opened a home for recovering drug addicts, established outreaches to feed and cloth the homeless, and raised up strong disciples.  In April 2008, they passed the baton to Mario and DeAnza Owens and their four children who jumped right in and went full speed ahead. Again, there was a revival in the church that brought a second growth spurt and a new wave of young disciples and workers.

Too many stories and testimonies to tell, but under the leadershiip of Pastor Mario and his wife, God brought the church into a new level of maturity.In 2012 after serving 7 years in Costa Rica, the role of pastor was given to key disciples raised up in the Pavas church. Pastor Carlos and Gloria are the current pastors as the church continues to grow.

Higuito, San Jose

Carlos and Rebekah Cabeza and his family where launched out of the Pavas church into Higuito in 2013.

Pastor Cabeza has a passion and zeal like none other and hit the ground running. After starting in their house, they moved to a small store front and are now running around 60 to 70 people. God is on the move in Costa Rica!


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