Moscow, Russia is a massive city of 12 million with an elaborate metro (subway) system and vast landscape of high rise apartment buildings.

The streets are full of people and opportunity abounds for sharing the Gospel. It is an
interesting story how the church began in Moscow. In 1990 a man by the name of
Michael Ellis had a burden to evangelize in Moscow. Around that same time, in
Kinshasa, D.R.C., God was preparing a young man by the name of Emmanuel Mukendi
for university in Moscow and a future preaching the Gospel.

The Kinshasa church in August 1991 sent this young man to Moscow with prayers and
released him into God’s hands. It was here that God began to move in his life. Pastor
Michael needed to return to the United States for medical reasons and saw that God was
working through Emmanuel and that he would be the one to continue with the church he
had started. Emmanuel met a Russian girl named Julia at this newly planted church and in
September 1997 they got married. Together they ministered for the next 12 years.

In 2009, Emmanuel and Julia felt the Lord calling them to Toronto, Canada to pioneer a
new work.

In the 2016 October Conference, Pappie and Julia Kabuya were called to pastoral
ministry and to establish a new work in Moscow. They are a tremendous couple with a
vision for reaching people with the love of Jesus. Pappie is also from D.R.C. and has
been married to Julia, a lovely Russian woman for many years. Together, with their two
children, they are going to do great things for the Lord in Russia.

The hand of the Lord is evident in this beautiful group of people. They worship God from
the depths of their hearts and there is a genuine passion for people of all ages. Each week
they meet together in services and home fellowships and God is faithful to meet them
there as well.

Please keep each of these wonderful people in your prayers

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